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Who am I?

French-American author, translator, stand-up comic, animal lover, book reviewer, English teacher, currently residing in Budapest in search of the X that marks the spot

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A literary journey spanning 3 years and 5 European countries, during which, through short fiction, a writer of dubious mental composition explores many mysteries of the psyche: vegetable mutilation, pumpkin seed semiotics, horizontal vertigo, boy-eating monsters, jellyfish hoarding, canipomorphism, and suicide by cello, to name but a few.

  Novels I Am Currently Querying  

I'd love to get your feedback on these pitches. Go to the 'Contact' section and drop me a line.


HORATIO, a young boy from the swamp where he lives with his two older brothers and their semi-catatonic father, raises an alligator hatchling, ALLIE, trying to give it a good home and the maternal love he’s been deprived of. When his eldest brother, JESS, is arrested for a violent assault and Allie outgrows the confines of Horatio’s bedroom, suggesting, once again, that nature has gained the upper hand over nurture, Horatio takes drastic (though ultimately fatal) measures to try and tip the scales.


On a quest for moral superiority through diet, an amateur chef and religious zealot, who views vegetables as sentient beings, embarks on a dangerous, delusional fast. When he fixates on Zoe, a waitress at a vegan restaurant, and is unable to convince her, through conduct and conversation, of the error of her ways, he has no recourse but to employ more extreme means of persuasion. 


While investigating the gruesome death of a former lover, Jared, a recovering heroin addict, must circumvent the questionable motives of a cult with a reverence for parasites, a doctor with a god complex, and a nurse with morbid sexual fantasies if he is to keep his destructive past from resurfacing.


Karim, who is hyper-sensitive to noise and wishes for nothing more than to seal himself off from the world, has his tenuous hold on reality further jeopardized when he develops an erotic, obsessive relationship with a residential building set for demolition.


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